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Can I buy a new mobo & CPU to go with old case & extras?

By compmad
Oct 5, 2005
  1. Hi,
    Brand new joining here tonight, but have enjoyed reading through entries in the past.
    What a great place :)
    I am just trying to get friends PC working. History of it just not starting.
    CPU Fan does start up, with attempt to start CD player, and red lights on.
    Tried another CPU, this at least got me into safe mode before turning itself off.
    SO think I need a new CPU. However, have noticed some bulging on mobo connectors, so feel it is safer to replace mobo too.
    Has anyone got any advice as to what to replace with (only uses PC for photos/ word docs etc, no gaming). Hopeing to keep original casing with power supply & modem etc (unless mobo comes with onboard modem) to keep costs down to minimum.
    Present mobo is MS-6334, with intel P3 750 CPU
    Any help would really be appreciated.
    Many thanks
    Andi :)
  2. NaTeB

    NaTeB TS Rookie

    What you need is a socket 370 MoBo. I dont know what form factor you need you will have to do some research if you don,t know. It is a older MoBo, so you should be able to get a pretty decent one for around $50.
    Check out TigerDirect.com or ebay, Geeks.com has pretty good prices too but I have never ordered from them
  3. compmad

    compmad TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hi thanks for this info.
    I am struggling to work out which form factor it is. the PSU has little visible info on, and neither has the motherboard! Here is the spec I found on the web (with link to photo). Unfortunately there does not seem to be a manual out there!!!
    Bought from Tiny, who are no longer able to help!!!
    MS-6334 Intel 815M Pro Socket 370 Motherboard
    Support Socket 370 for IntelR Celeron/Pentium III (FC-PGA) processor
    Support from 500MHz up to 1GHz
    IntelR 815 chipset.
    Supports up to 2 double sided or 3 single sided DIMMs at 133MHz
    On-Board VGA
    On-Board Sound

    Again thanks for any help. :giddy:
  4. vnf4ultra

    vnf4ultra TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,360

    Do you want something similar or something better?
    You could just get a cheap($40-60) pentium 4 motherboard, and a cheap ($60-80) celeron d processor, and put them in instead of the p3 parts.
    The board looks like micro atx to me(matx).

    You could get a socket 775 board and a 64bit celeron d like this.
    ^that'd be $140.

    That wouldn't have any graphics built in, so it'd need a graphics card, I don't know if you have one already or not.

    If not, consider this board for ~$10 more, it has built in graphics that are suitable for word processing, etc.
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