Can I connect Cable modem to DSL router?

By girishrane · 4 replies
Nov 30, 2006
  1. Hi Guys,

    I used verizon wireless broadband service for an year . Now I’m switched to roadrunner. The problem is cable modem is not wireless so I feel uncomfortable with the wires and all.
    I still have DSL broadband router that Verizon provided (Westell Versalink 327w). This has DSL connector for in and regular 4 Ethernet connector.
    Is it possible to connect this router to cable modem and use it as normal router? If possible is it very difficult to seup?
    My cabel modem is RCA DCM425 (

    Thanks a lot
  2. Tedster

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    no. DSL and cable internet are two very different technologies. You'll need a standard router that you can use with any type of ISP. Then all you need is a cable modem or a DSL modem depending upon the type of service you have.
  3. Nodsu

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    A home router can only route between its WAN interface and the LAN interface. If you don't have an ethernet WAN port, then you cannot use the Versalink as a router with your cable modem.

    What you can do, is get a cheap wired-only router and hook your wireless to that.

    It might be better to just get a new wireless router with ethernet uplink though :)
  4. girishrane

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    Thanks guys for your help, I end up ordering one D-Link DI-524 Wireless Cable/DSL Router, hopefully that will work.
  5. N1Hawk

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    It should work, I use the same system at home Girishrane!
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