Can I install WinXP from older Dell laptop on to new Dell laptop?

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Sep 13, 2005
  1. Can I install WinXP Pro from older Dell laptop on to new Dell laptop?

    I am using a Dell Inspiron 8200 right now and in order to save some money on my new Dell laptop, I'd like to order Home or MediaCenter with the new computer and then install WinXP Pro myself instead of paying the extra $119 to have them do it. I have a Reinstallation CD of WinXP Pro that came with the old Dell laptop; will I be able to use it to install WinXP Pro on my new one?

  2. tom_pearson

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    probably not no. they are usually pretty good at stopping people install their restore discs onto different systems.
  3. greenflash

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    Dell sends a new WinXP Restore Cd with Laptops normally.You can ask them to get ur CD...
  4. jimrod

    jimrod TS Rookie

    Hi, you should be able to, but it will have to activated. When prompted for activation, disconnect internet and call toll free number, give the numbers to the generated voice that answers, then when the live person answers, tell them you just did a memory and hard drive upgrade and that the software is only installed on this computer. Then they will give you a new activation number. I do it all the time, it just a hassle doing it. jimrod
  5. rikkigrysko

    rikkigrysko TS Rookie

    you might be able to take an image of the old computer and put it on the new one like w/ norton ghost. but then you would need to use something like sysprep to make sure it installs for the new hardware
  6. maryadavis

    maryadavis TS Rookie

    You are right about that. Still, it's a weird policy. If I have bought the OS I should be able to install it anywhere I please. I was looking at Sony laptops thinking I should get one of those but I'm not quite sure now. Should I go with a Dell?
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