Can I move hiberfil.sys to another partition on the same drive ?

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Apr 19, 2006
  1. My drive is partitioned with 13.97GB on C and the remainder of the 120GB drive on C drive is becoming cramped and I want all my apps so I thought since the hiberfil.sys drive occupies 5% of my C Drive that it would be best to either move hiberfil.sys to the D Drive or just disable hibernation
    which would immediately give me that disk space back. Can I do this wothout changing the characteristics of the hibernation funsction ?
  2. Tedster

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    far better to move your temporary internet files and system temp files to a second partition or hard drive.
  3. Samstoned

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    I would not use it ,but hay thats me
    move the temp and pagefile to the other part if you need space
    I run 10gig for my main part clean it up now and then
    no page file no temp files no hybernation at all
    or you can get brave and try to adjust your parts to give more room
  4. altheman

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    why dont you install all your programs on partition D?? it only takes a simply registry edit to do it, or use link magic
  5. Nodsu

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    Do you actually use the hibernation feature? If you don't, then just turn it off and delete the hiberfil.sys.

    You can move the file of course, but Windows will promptly create a new one in its place :) The file has to be in the same place as rest of the Windows boot files.
  6. NRJ

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    here how to remove it if u don't use hibernation. The file would be about the same size as your RAM. So if u have 2GB of RAM the file should be about that much. To safely remove it:

    * Open the Windows Control Panel
    * Double-click Power Options
    * Click the Hibernate tab, de-select the 'Enable hibernate support' check box, and then click Apply.
    * Restart your computer and hiberfil.sys will be automatically deleted.
    * If you change your mind in the future and would like to use hibernation, go to the Windows Help & Support Center and search for 'enable hibernation'. It should be the first result. The instructions detail some other steps you may need to follow to reactivate the hibernation.
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