Can i play a dvd from japan on american dvd player?

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Jan 3, 2008
  1. hi,
    i m having an US made dvd player. my friend from japan is sending a dvd.

    i have read somewhere that u cannot play dvd from say from japan on a dvd player say for example from USA due to some region code or region restriction something like that.

    can u pls clear it up if i can play it or not.

    also, can it played on computers dvd rw?

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    It is unlikely that your home dvd player can play it. Your computer's drive should be able to play it, but the region will have to be changed. Whatever software you are using to playback the dvd should notice this and allow you to change it, the catch is you are only allowed to change the region on your drive 5 times. You will use 2 of those times if you go from Region 1 to whatever region Japan is and then back to Region 1 next time you want to watch a DVD from the US.

    If you must watch it on tv rather than a computer, then you can use something like DVDShrink or DVD Decrypter (you'll have to find those on your own, since its legality is questionable) which can strip out the region coding, and you burn the region free version you made to a DVDR.

    If the thought of limited region changes bothers you, you may be able to find a region free firmware for your DVD-RW drive, but again you are on your own for finding that.
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    lmao aww man only if there are good sites to teach noobz how to cut corners. EVERYONE cuts corners in life
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    Google... (dvd make , (dvd model), region unlock.

    Will usually involve holding down a button on your remote control while typing in a code on your num buttons. Perfectly legal.
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    tnx all for ur suggestions
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