Can I upgrade my video card on my Inspiron 1500?

By jdmnino ยท 5 replies
Feb 17, 2008
  1. I purchased my Dell Inspiron 1500 almost a year ago. At the time when I picked out what I wanted for it, I kinda skipped out on the video card and just put on the basic 32 bit. I bought a game that I really wanted to play, but it needed double what I had. I go to Best Buy to see if I can change the video card and they say whatever I have is what I have. He also said if I wanted to upgrade the video card that I would be better off just buying a new laptop. Is that true?
  2. Matthew

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    I'd assume your laptop's video card is integrated (meaning it is built into the motherboard) and I highly doubt your motherboard has an expansion slot for a new one. So, yes, it is probably true.
  3. mscrx

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    have a look here and check if there are upgrades available for your specific model
  4. Matthew

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    I already looked through the possible upgrades for the 1501 earlier and saw nothing just to spare you some time jdmnino.
  5. jdmnino

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    Thanks my friend, I didnt see anything either. I researched some sites and a lot of people said that once the laptop is made your basically stuck with what video card you have on it. Oh well...
  6. Matthew

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    Yep, they pretty much never provide the flexibility as a desktop system. Most components are integrated or soldered, and they generally don't conform to industry standard form factors.
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