Can I use a GTX 750 with these specs?


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@Speks Simply stuff the card into the machine, and hook up the monitor to it. The existing video drivers will give you a usable desktop.
Then, go to Nvidia's site, and download the drivers for your specific version of Windows. The first thing the driver install will do is, "search for compatible hardware". If it doesn't find any, the installation will terminate, period.

This "brute force approach", assumes you already have a GTX-750 in your possession that you're considering using..

I can tell you, the Nvidia driver for XP, (!!!) supports cards, "as new as" the GT-7xx series.

Nvidia is dropping support for "Keppler" series 6xx & 7xx series. But apparently the GTX-750 & 750 ti are "Maxwell" architecture, and are still supported. Keep in mind, the stop apparently only refers to "game ready updates"..

More info here:

And you can use this Google search term: nVidia is dropping support for cards for an abundance of information relating to this topic.