Can I use my ASUS AC1200 Dual Band router to connect to my pin hole cameras?

The cameras show p2p and 1 may have lan. However I have no Idea if router can connect to them. My router has Wireless, LAN and WAN sections. I am using Bluestacks to emulate android apps for the cameras. Windows 10 PC. I have some old wireless adapters but they all are not recognized by Windows 10. I'm not very familiar with with lAN an WAN, but if they can connect to the cameras I am willing to do the research to learn how to do it, if someone can point the way. I am also considering purchasing a new wifi adapter but would like to see if it can be done with the router.

Gabriel Pike

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Without knowing more specifics about the devices and how you are using them this is hard to help you with. I suppose we need to start with, how are the cameras currently connected to the PC? Also could you share a model number and brand type? Finally I understand that you want them connected to a router but what is the ultimate goal? With the limited information provided it is difficult to determine what you are trying to do or how to help you.
The goal is to be able to view the cameras from my Windows 10 PC. The router is an ASUS RT-AC1200 V2. The cameras are pin hole cameras that are set to connect to cell phone thru p2p connection. The software the cameras use is android apps. I use BlueStacks with it's android emulator on the PC to install the camera apps. To connect with my phone with p2p I install the apps then I go to the phone and bring up the name on the list of wifi location and pick the one that matched the phone. My router is wired to my PC, it is connected to a cable modem which connected to a cable provider for internet connection then to the PC. I guess the bottom line is, can the Router with wireless capability connect to the pin hole camera with p2p connection using the current wired connect to my PC?


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Gabriel Pike

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I am assuming that when you say p2p it is using some WiFI connection type already. eg Bluetooth, WiFi, etc. I think what you are really asking is can bluestacks connect to the cameras? The answer is probably not since I am assuming the app uses the WiFI detected by the phone. This would be determined by how the app connects to the cameras. If bluestacks can't determine the SSID or name of the WiFi network it may not be able to connect.The only othe roption would be if the cameras had some type of PC software that you could download and install.
Ok, Thanks Gabriel. I thought it was a long shot but if it was possible it would have given me an opportunity to learn more.