Can I Use Notepad in Windows to Write UNIX Scripts

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Hi All,

I've been attempting to edit UNIX scripts in Windows, using Notepad, by FTPing the script files to and from the UNIX/Windows machines. It's easier for me than using VI or PICO. However, I think Notepad may be corrupting the script files. Does anyone know if Notepad will, in fact, render UNIX scripts unusable? Do you know of a better way to edit/create UNIX scripts on a Windows box?




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The linefeeds are different in DOS/Windows and Unix - you will have to convert the files.

Some FTP programs can do this automatically. In Unix, there is a program called dos2unix (available for Windows too, I believe).

You can also use some more advanced editor. Crimson Editor supports opening files directly over FTP for example, understands different newlines and you can specify in which format you wish to save the text.
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