Can My Vid Card Have Its Own Power Supply?

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quick question lets say i bought a pwoer supply for my pc but the plugs between my cdrom and hardrive are to close and wont reach my hardrive, and i have another power supply, can my video card have its own power supply plugged into the power port on the vid card?


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i acutally tried this once when my pc was messing about, i had no idea what i was doing so it was probably a very silly idea. fixed my problem for about 4 mins before the pc started making very horrible noises so i decided to best to turn it off :)

(sorry that wasnt very usefull atall)


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If you want to use a second standard psu in a pc all you have to do is join the green wires together so both start at the same time and away you go.

I ran a pc with 2 300watt psu's for about 3 years without a problem. I modded the wiring so that 1 psu powered the mobo and the other powered everything else.

I didn't have a camera when i built that so i don't have any pictures of what i did but it worked perfectly. I fitted the 2 psu's to the bottom of my case and used them as feet.
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