Can only start in Safe Mode...

By puge henis
Jan 22, 2005
  1. Hey what happend to me is pretty odd.. I went on a 5 day trip and forgot to turn off my computer.. After about 3 days my mom got tired of the noise from it and turned it off. When i got home i booted up and got to the Windows load screen and then it just hung there afterwards with a black screen and no response. Of course i was like wtf and restarted which lead to the same thing. I figured i would see if i could run in Safe mode and thankfully it would run.. (which i am still in right now).. I found my windows CD and reinstalled with an update which doesnt delete any files. It started up in windows and i was like thank god. I installed a couple programs and restarted.. Unfortunately right after the XP load screen it went right back to a black screen i was like you have got to be kidding me. So I ended up doing a full reinstall of windows which took everything off and i figured this would fix the problem. I did a windows update and installed some drivers and once again i restarted and the same problem.. I figured what ever the problem was couldnt be fixed with my knowledge of computers.. any suggestions, this huge resolution is about to make my eyes fall out
  2. 62nds

    62nds TS Rookie

    What noise did you hear? It sounds like a hardware problem - maybe something is overheating?
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