Can receive, but not send e-mail

By kerryman · 9 replies
Mar 19, 2005
  1. I have a Dell laptop with WIndows XP. At home we have a wireless connection to Comcast broadband, at work an SBC dsl. The computer word perfectly in both places for over two years. But now, while I can get on the internet and receive email in both Outlook and outlook express at work, I cannot send email - at all.

    Yet, when I get home, bot OE and OL work perfectly. Spent 30 minuted with the Comcast tech, could send and receive email from the web, so he insists the problem is not theirs.


  2. Nodsu

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    What mail service? Is it a webmail account or normal e-mail?
  3. Jokers Wild

    Jokers Wild TS Rookie

    I have had this same problem at some hotels I have stayed at. What it comes down to is that your work doesn't allow you to reach your SMTP server which sends your mail. Where you work they may have a SMTP server for you to add but you would have to change the address each time. I found this out staying at a hotel. I called their support group and they gave me the IP address to their SMTP server and after entering that I was able to send email from outlook express. At another hotel I called their support group and was informed they didn't have a SMTP server and didn't support it. They advised me to use my web based email. Hope that helps some.
  4. kerryman

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    Not being able to send at work is a new experience, and we have been at the office for two years, Further, my two associates do not have the probelm!
  5. Nodsu

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    See what servers you have configured in Outlook for POP3/IMAP and SMTP. Do they mach those of your coworkers?
  6. Steebreak

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    I had a similar problem on my home desktop. It occured suddenly for no apparent reason. I resolved the problem by installing Advanced Smtp Server. It allows you to send via smtp directly from your pc, thus eliminating any isp problems. It certainly works for me......
  7. kerryman

    kerryman TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Will not be back at the office this week but will check this out. But without my making any changes in Outlook or OE this problem developed!
  8. Steebreak

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    My Outlook Express was also untouched by human hand and sending ok until one day it refused without prompting. I have several pop3 accounts with the same server and ALL of them surrendered at the same time. I mailed the server support team who eventually replied saying the problem was not theirs.
    A friend had the same problem around the same time but he uses a different server.
    I did a tracert from the cmd prompt and decided that the problem could be occurring in at any of the thirty hops it took to reach the server.
    Installing Advanced SMTP Server on my pc has (for the moment anyway) solved the problem. My friend also did that and is still happily sending mail.
    Hope that helps…
  9. kerryman

    kerryman TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Cannot send email

    That sounds like a very intersting idea, but, being a non-techie, I do not know what an advanced SMTP is or how to do it.

    Also, wonder why the Comcast techie did not suggest this.

    Any help there?
  10. Steebreak

    Steebreak TS Rookie

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