Can someone help with VIVO on Radeon cards

By Captain_Jon
Oct 16, 2004
  1. I just bought a Radeon 9600XT w/VIVO card and I am having a lot of trouble understanding the features of this card. The on-line manual is basically a waste of time. How does VIVO work and what are the cables included in the box meant to do?

    A simple question... can I record from a VCR using S-Video to the computer?
  2. Liquidlen

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    I have the ATI ,AIW 9600 , I realize they are not the same ,but close enough to get you started.
    VIVO to give the quick idea is to give you the ability to send Analogue signal between your Desktop and VCR .Video data is held in your desktop as digital data ,on the tapes in your vcr as analogue data . Your video card basically converts back and forth between the two.
    This will allow you to Take movies from your vhs camera or vcr and burn them on DVD's ( with the correct Authoring software ;I got Pinnacle 8 with my Card)

    As far as the cables go Connect them as you are shown in the guide, There should be a cable that resembles an octopus with 3-6 different connectors at one end and one connection at the other. If you have a vcr connected to your TV use those same one's on the ATI cable at the VCR and the other end goes into the Vid card.If you can't understand ,find a teenager around the neighbourhood to show you .(They were born with the correct gene for this stuff)
    There is a lot of information involved with this stuff.I am just trying to get you hooked up to your machine .
    Get back to us with a description of the cables you received and the software .
    Hope this a start.
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