Can"t get Win 98 to recognize Sony dvd burner!!!!!!!

By rodgy23
Apr 7, 2006
  1. My Emachine computer mother fried on us , so we have to use my older dell computer with win98. Now the software that came with my dvd burner doesn't have any drivers on it, but with xp my emachine, i didnt need to since xp automatically detecs one for you.. Now i found a link in techspot where i could download a a firmware update to use on win98 for my dvd to work,, but i can't get my computer to detect it, to use the download on... i try to install in new hardware and it sometimes comes up with new usb hardware, but i need the driver to install it on win98, how do i get around this so i can use the firmware download , cause i can't use the dl unless i can get my dvd burner in my comp.? please in need some help.. i use my dvd burner alot and i am lost without it.
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    windows 98 isnt quite up to date on that, as it was most likely built after the OS was dead(to the world other than you), go to the sony site and download the drivers, it should work. i highly recommend this more though, go to a store or ebay and buy Windows XP or 2000.
    or you could get windows 2k from a friend and install it.
    **note** xp wont work like that, requires online activation(which really sucks, because when you buy the os, i dont think it says this operating system requires you to pay for an internet connection!)
  3. Didou

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    You can activate it by phone.
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