Can using fax on HP All-In-One Printer goof up DSL connection?

By foycur
Aug 22, 2005
  1. Let me see if I can explain my house set up. I have a home built PC that is connects to the internet using Qwest DSL with MSN. I have a Actiontec 1524 Gateway Router that my PC is connected to, as well as my new HP 7310xi All-In-One device. The DSL phone line leaves the router and is hooked into a line 'splitter' that allows two phone lines to send/receive data through one phone line. The second line spot is taken up by my fax line, that runs directly from the printer to the splitter. Then, one phone line travels around my dining room, up and around a bunch of stuff to the kitchen where it ends up in the wall receptacle. I have my DSL "plug" in my wall receptacle (I guess you need it so the voice aspect of the line doesn't goof up the data transmission?). Whenever I use my fax, it seems to really screw up the internet connection. I have to sometimes unplug my router, I have to reboot the computer, etc. Is this a common occurence? HP was not too helpful.
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    It should be as below...

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