Can you install the OS on D drive??

By Ray ยท 5 replies
Jun 23, 2004
  1. After Partitioning the hardrive. Seeing how some programs automatically install to C drive. Can you install the OS into "D" drive? This way the only thing installed in D drive would be the OS and if I had to do a reinstall of the OS I could just format D and do a clean reinstall without disturbing the rest of my computer. Also..what happens when C drive gets full does the computer then jump to D drive then to E and so on? If it does do this wouldn't it make sense to install the OS on the last drive or would this make the computer confused.....? Rocket science simplified.:)
  2. ---agissi---

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    Um programs dont automatically install themselves to the "C" drive.. if you read some text and not continuously smash next, you'll see that you can pick the directory/drive of where to install the application to.

    Also when installing windows, you do get to pick the drive/partition in which to install windows on.
  3. StormBringer

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    Agissi, some apps DO automatically install to the C drive, or to the system partition(wherever Windows is) This is true with things like MS Office and many other apps which do not ask where to install them. There is a way around this using a registry hack, I believe this was addressed in an earlier thread on a similar subject.
  4. Ray

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    Thanks Stormbringer for the back up. Not everyone is a "continuously smash next" person "agissi". When a person does a Fdisk for the first time I think that they understand the meaning of "Read the Screen"
    Anyway back to my problem of the automatic install to "C".
    Thanks to the reply to my earlier post I now know that I can change the default file from "C" to another in the registry.
  5. Rick

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    I posted this in the other thread, so here is the information again for future reference:

  6. Ray

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    Hi Rick

    I tried the regedit but after following the path to ProgramFilesDir
    Nothing in the list even resembles anything like that. Do you have any other ideas besides ProgramFilesDir? I am going to search the web for "How to Change the Default Directory in Windows Millenium"............Thanks for pointing me in the direction to be looking though. Got to go do my Window OS homework now....:)

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