can you run two graphics cards at the same time one is built in and the other isnt?

By rockhead rumple
Aug 12, 2006
  1. hi ive got a geforce fx 5500 pci graphics card i know its not the best but ive got a **** computer is there any way of upgrading it or making it run faster so it plays games at better settings

    can you run two graphics cards at the same time one is built in and the other isnt
  2. Vigilante

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    You can't really "upgrade" your graphics card itself. You can, of course, upgrade by buying a NEW graphics card.

    The only way to increase performance is make sure your PC is running top notch. Meaning you have few startups, no programs running, no viruses and spyware, a clean system.
    Some system optimizations would help, like OS performance tweaks and registry tweaks and swap file optimization. Keep yourself defragged as well.

    Once you have a clean system, make sure you have all the latest drivers for your chipset and video card. Possibly BIOS and sound and network as well.

    Once your drivers are up to date, make sure your games are as well, any patches that are out, etc...

    Next, since you want to run newer games, you will simply have to turn the graphic settings down to lower performace. Run at a lower resolution and refresh rate in-game.

    Then besides your graphics card, you want to have a good amount of RAM and CPU speed. About a gig of RAM is average for a gamer these days, just average. More is becoming popular anymore.


    That being said, as for buying a whole new system, we have to start with budget. Because you can get a new computer from $300 to $10,000.
    If you have no budget, I'd say go check out Falcon, and Alienware PCs. They make some of the best top-end gaming PCs. For a premium price of $4,000 to $8,000 and thereabouts depending on features.
    Or for a tighter budget, get one built from someone like ABS Computers (, configured from about $1000 to $2000+.

    If you are on an even tighter budget, you can forgo certain parts if you already have them, and build it yourself with just the necessary parts, for under 1K

    But never would I recommened the likes of Dell, Compaq, HP, Sony, Gateway, E-machines, Fry's special, GQ, Walmart special, or any other name-brand cheapo. Unless it is just for grandma to get E-mail on, or a school kid to do homework.

    There isn't really such thing as "inexpensive gaming PC". Gaming is what MAKES a PC expensive, because it requires more power then most any other function.

    Anyway, enough from me. Hope it helps.
  3. rockhead rumple

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    thanks for the reply what abiut the dell xps
  4. Vigilante

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    XPS series is not terrible, but not spectacular either.

    When buying from OEM companies, you have to realize a few things, in no particular order:

    ) Warranty deals with them only. And by default Dell makes you pay out the rear for a good warranty. In contrast, if you buy parts yourself, you get full manufacturer warranties. Like 3 to 5 years on hard drive, lifetime on RAM, 3 years perhaps on mobo and CPU, etc...

    ) Talking to those people in India can be so much fun. But I wouldn't do it.

    ) Some parts are proprietary, meaning you have to buy replacements from THEM, and name brand off-the-shelf stuff doesn't usually work. Namely things like the power supply and motherboard. Sometimes they have special connectors and ribbons off the mobo that retail boards don't, etc. And they will charge premium for replacements.

    ) Power supplies are almost always proprietary, and not very powerful

    ) You don't even get CDs or a floppy drive anymore. If you buy your own stuff, you get boxes, manuals, driver and misc CDs, warranty cards etc. And of course your own "real" XP CD. And not some "recovery" CD which hardly passes as a OS disk, should you ever need it.

    ) They preload a LOAD of crap on there. I even had a system, maybe from Sony or something, with TWO competing Antiviruses installed?!? They will preload Works probably, and a trial of Office, tax software quicken or MS Money etc etc etc... And most DIYers HATE all that preloaded junk. ISP offers, "free games!", and "free music!" and "sign up now!" all over your desktop. If you build your own, it's clean and shiny.

    ) Upgrades can be tuff. A lot of brand new Dells still don't give a video slot, no AGP or PCI-E even. And with only 3 PCI slots, your upgrade options are already limited. Often no extra drive bays inside or out. And more.

    Well, the list goes on. Buying OEM is like buying a microwave. You don't change anything on it, and when it breaks, you just have to get a new one.
    Build your own, and you can tweak it to your hearts desire, ever upgrading and changing and growing, with as many options and as much space as you decide. With readily available parts that you can price-shop for.

    So anyway, you can make up your own mind. Like I said, the XPS series isn't bad or anything, but plan on just using it as-is until wear and old age necessitates a replacement. Don't hope to much for upgrades beyond some more RAM or a bigger hard drive, unless you shop wisely and buy the right upgrades from them.

    So ya, enough said, I'm more ranting then anything, I hate Dell, I work on their PCs by the dozens every week. And it's dead power supplies and motherboards galore. So be forewarned!
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