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Dec 7, 2006
  1. My psu went out recently and took out the motherboard. Yep you guessed it, emachine. Anyway, I got a new Biostar p4m80 m4 board and 355 watt psu. I got windows back up (xp home) and everything was great. Since my new board supported sata i got a 250 gig and threw it in. Formatted and all good. Then I cloned my old ide drive to my new sata. All good. Here is the trouble i am having. with both drives in it will only boot from the old one unless i go into the "boot from" option before post. I can manually select it and it boots fine and everything works. But when I do this I cannot see the old ide drive in the my computer folder. When I let it boot from the old ide drive i can stil see the new sata drive and everything in it. How do I make it boot automatically from my new sata drive and still be able to see my old ide drive so i can reformat it for storage and backup?

    Please help!
  2. zephead

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    don't clone your ide drive to the new sata model. hook up the sata model only, perform a fresh install windows and all of your drivers. once that's up and running, add the secondary drive, you'll be able to copy over the desired files once that has been installed.

    not all BIOS programs are alike, but generally you'll need to select which hard disk is your primary boot device (select which hard drive the system will boot to first), in addition to putting the hard disk up on the boot order.
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