Cannot Access BIOS?!?!?

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Aug 31, 2007
  1. This is quite interesting...I remember accessing the BIOS before, but can't remember how to now.

    My computer is a Dell Dimension 2400 series desktop. I've tried all the hotkeys to get into the BIOS. Delete, F2, F12, all of the function keys in fact. Control+Alt+Escape, Escape, nothing grants me access directly into the BIOS. I can access the boot menu and some of the basic settings, but that's about it.

    Am I being locked out of my own BIOS or is it because there's some magical key code I have to enter? Or is it password protected or something?

    I'm at my wits end in terms of figuring out what to do to get to it. What I'm trying to do is maybe overclock my CPU by like...10mhz or something. But the overclocking guide doesn't help because if I don't know how to access the BIOS, then I'm kinda screwed aren't I?

    Someone please help. What the hell did I miss?
  2. link590o

    link590o Topic Starter

    i didn't have any updates for the bios. and i don't believe i cut the boot time. i could be wrong. got an easy way to check that?
  3. MicroUnC

    MicroUnC TS Rookie

    Try to reset bios, play with jumpers on mobo, if u have such if u do one of them will reset your bios to defaults.
  4. link590o

    link590o Topic Starter

    i believe i managed to do so. i took it off the power, took out the battery, and stuck a knife between the contacts for a few seconds. replaced everything and restarted. it gave me some kind of message. it was reconfiguring some of my bios settings to account for a few drives that weren't installed, and then asked me to either continue or run the setup utility. i hit continue.

    i'm not sure what to do next. i suppose restart and check if escape or one of the F keys brings me to the bios?...but i'll try that later, not now. a bit busy at the moment.
  5. nickc

    nickc TechSpot Paladin Posts: 923   +11

    run the setup utility, will do the trick if the BIOS is the only problem..??

    Edit anything in it that u changed to begin with boot order to begin with (change the order things boot in). should be A: CD: Hardrive:, just a question as I do not know if u have even been into the BIOS.
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