cannot access folders or internet explorer. after system restore.

By snoop101
May 17, 2006
  1. I recently whilst messing about on my computer changed the screen refresh rate from 60hz to 100hz and the screen went blank. Consequently. in safe mode i restored it and thought all was well.

    Unfortunately, i cannot access any of the folders as they do not respond or anything within them (however itunes still works and the songs still play) and i cant access internet explorer. Other than in safe mode the internet explorer and folder "image" can be seen, at present, in normal login, it appears as the image for when a program cant be recognised. However. Mozilla Firefox works fine.

    Also everytime i try to open taskmanager it comes up with a graph of cpu usage and cpu usage history.

    I have used system restore twice and after each restore it freezes and i have to re-boot.

    I have no virus scanning software as i havent updated it. However when doing any virus scans or spyware scans it freezes in the "shared dll's" section of the windows folder and i dont know what to do (used adaware se)

    I have the original microsoft windows cd and all cd's for drivers to my drives as far as i am aware.


  2. snoop101

    snoop101 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    all is well once again

    i read another post and all i needed to do was a check disk the 5 stage check and it found the error and corrected it.
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