Cannot Boot after rebuilding

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Jun 12, 2006
  1. Hi guys

    i have just decided to rebuild a pc - added bits from anuver and taken bits out

    after this windows would not boot which i was expecting so i try to run windows xp setup or windows 2000 setup which when it got to the loading windows stage early in the setup it would either restart or on windows 2000 it would have a STOP error screen - 0x00000051 pleeeeease help guys cos tbh i have no idea

  2. iss

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    it is probably a case of one of your mix and match components is defective or incompaitable with your mobo. if you tell us your system spec's we might be able to assist you.
  3. vidkid1

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    just lived it

    had the same problem. try getting a clean hard drive, install it directly to the mother bord and use the CD as the master with your XP install disk. Run it and start to slowly add in your components and drivers and stuff. This will help you rule out any parts that may be damaged or incompatible.
  4. Samputer

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    Working with different Mobo

    Hi guys i am unsure about the specs will get back to u because its basically a board i took from a pc a friend gave me

    however i changed the mobo for one that i have had working before and it works, however this board has an ethernet adaptor onboard so i would like to if possible get this working, sorry im not much help guys i will get back to u ASAP


  5. Illfated

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    If you're installing a new motherboard you need to format or get a formatted drive. You'll need to reinstall your OS. Boot from your OS disk and install onto the formatted drive.
  6. Samstoned

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    yes clean install from a wiped drive may fix
    as stated may have bad ram (unsupported)
    It does boot to bios reset to factory defaults

    oh ya get the newest bios
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