Cannot boot into windows (blue screen error)

By Trintar VIII
Jan 10, 2007
  1. Hello guys... today when i went to start up my computer as windows started to load I got a blue screen error that had the following listed under the technical section: Stop: 0x000000BE (0xF71223C4, 0x081c8121, 0x86913c10, 0x0000000B) ati2mtag.sys -Address F71223C4 base at F7043000, Datestamp 4563c313. After getting this i wasn't sure exactly what to do. I had just installed an old harddrive a friend gave me yesterday, but the computer started up just fine the other day after it was installed. The only other change I had made was I dl'd the Omega drives for my radeon 9800 and installed them. The only way i'm able to boot my computer is into safe mode. I tried removing my ram and putting it back in to see if it was a problem there, and also removed my harddrive that I installed to see what would change and I got nothing. Any ideas out there? Thanks.
  2. Goalie

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    The ati2mtag file is related to your Radeon. I'm guessing your install of new drivers didn't work so well. Boot into safe mode, and use system restore to roll back to the soonest date before the driver upgrade. If that doesn't work, remove the video card from the device manager (in safe mode, of course). Reboot, let windows redetect the card, and use the driver off of your CD (a known good driver.)

    If that works, then you can look at redownloading a newer driver and installing. If it doesn't, let us know what effects you see from these steps.
  3. Trintar VIII

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    You are my hero!!! I was unable to do a system restore past yesterday for some reason, but I removed them from the device manager and let windows do its thing and poof, all was well. Got the new catalyst drivers once I was in real windows and now i'm ready to go. Appreciate your help!
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