Cannot boot Windows, Cannot repair windows

By ckoecher
May 3, 2006
  1. I must first start by apologizing, I am not able to get very much information about my computer at this time. For the last several weeks my computer has crashed to the blue screen of death, It would say "windows has encountered a serious error etc..." The problem appeared to be that my wireless network adapter (Linksys WUSBG) and my video card (NVIDIA GForce) weren't compatable. To make a long story short I stopped using the internet until I could buy a new wireless adapter, however my girlfriend decided to use it one day and it crashed with the same blue screen 5 times in a row, everytime she would open internet explorer it would crash. The last time it crashed, it took a dump. Now when I start the computer it gets to the windows xp logo, and then right as it is about to go to the login prompt the screen goes black, no error messages nothing, I have to do a cold re-boot to restart. So, I tried to start in safe mode, and I get these multiple lines of what appear to be codes followed by names of a bunch of dll files and then it stalls, cannot ctl-alt-del or anything, I have to cold re-boot. So I insert the WinXP pro cd, try to install windows again to get to the repair function, and it stalls at a blue window that says "starting windows"!! I am so depressed, as I was a complete ***** and didn't backup my music files or pictures. Any help would be great. P.S when my computer would encounter a serios error it read IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. I would love to give more info, but seeing as how I cannot get into my pc to disect the log of errors I don't know what else to say.
  2. Hemanth Kumar

    Hemanth Kumar TS Rookie

    Try using the recovery console or go for a parallel windows installation. Change the default directory of installation from windows to windows1. go with the installation. It should work....
  3. Hemanth Kumar

    Hemanth Kumar TS Rookie

    Parallel OS installation

    Insert your Win XP cd in cdrom and boot to your cd.. go with normal installation and when it prompts to select file the default option i.e same file system. only change u wud have 2 make wud be when it says installing files to c:windows change it to c:windows1 or anything other than windows. once you complete installation and boot you wud get two options as to boot to winxp (old) or the new installed one. boot through new one. Once inside OS go to c:windows/boot.ini (hidden file) delete the old one which reads windows and not windows1. restart al shud be fine
  4. ckoecher

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    Thank You

    Thank you for your help, as it turns out, I was impatient. As I stated before I could not boot into safe mode, well as it turns out I could. It just took my pc about 10 minutes to get there. I was able to back up my important files to my new external hard drive using robocopy. I got a brand new clean WinXP Pro Install disk and was able to format and do a clean install. Again, thank you for your help, Techspot is awesome!!!
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