Cannot delete files from partition!!!

By ness
Dec 30, 2004
  1. ok, that's what happened.
    My hd has just been partitioned in such a way
    C (NTFS)- windows XPhome
    E (FAT32) - data
    F (ext3) - ready for linux
    Swap partitin for linux

    now, I can perfeclty read, copy, cut and paste files between C and E, but when I try to delete anything from E I get "error message: cannot delete file ...: cannot find specified path. make sure you specify the correct path".
    If I cut and paste to the desktop, or anywhere else on C and then delete it it's fine, and if I delete a file on E directly without keeping it the recycle bin is fine too.
    I just cannot put it directly from E to the recycle bin, which, btw, is just what I want to do.
    any help will be much appreciated
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