Cannot install ATI Multimedia Center

By jackp
Jun 1, 2005
  1. I purchased an ATI TV Wonder Pro capture card and installed it on my 900MHz machine with little success. Because of other problems getting a DVD burner to burn reliably, I bought a new 2.8GHz Compaq with an Intel 82845 onboard graphics controller running XP home.( MY DVD problem vanished but...). After numerous attempts installing and uninstalling the software and hardware, I always get the message "The Ati Multimedia Center does not appear to be installed. You may have to re-install....."

    I spent an hour on the phone with ATI support un-installing and re-installing with exactly the same results. Her conclusion was that the Intel graphics controller had multi- layering issues and would not allow the ATI card to work. This is a new machine with a new card!!!! Her solution was to uninstall the graphics controller, install another graphics card (I have a Rage 3D Pro on hand) and re-install the TV Wonder Pro. The new driver for the Rage Pro will not let the Video drivers for the Wonder Pro load so that was a useless venture!!! I'm now worse off because Control panel tells me it cannot un-install the Rage Pro Drivers because it is "older" even though I have removed the card and disabled the driver. I have edited the register to remove all ATI reference but it's still there in my "Installed Programs" like a curse.

    Another solution suggested was to buy a new ATI All-in-Wonder card which "could" solve my problem. In the meantime this new ATI TV Wonder Pro is useless and cannot be returned since I have been struggeling with this for over a month.

    Has anyone been successful installing this card on a similar machine and if so please let me know what magic was employed to get it going.

  2. buddhamaster

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    ATI Multimedia Center Installlation Problems

    Getting the ATI All-In-Wonder card will not solve the problem. I have a 2.4MHz Pentium 4 running in a ASUS P4C800-e Deluxe motherboard using the ATI Radeon 9600XT All-In-Wonder TV Tuner/Video Card. This is a system I have built myself by purchasing the hardwares from different suppliers. This system works flawlessly when it was assembled 3 years ago. The ATI Radeon 9600XT All-In-Wonder TV Tuner/Video card works correctly and I do not experience major problems. It has always been a struggle to install the software due to its unique unpredictable drivers and software installation characteristics. But never the less a successful install can be realized after several days of install and uninstall attempts. After using the card for a few months the card will start to work intermittently. It would be necessary to re-install the drivers and software when the performance of the ATI Radion 9600XT TV Tuner/Video Card starts to become unstable. The TV tuner will become unstable and generate video and audio problems. The problem can be rectified by re-installing the drivers and software supplied ATI Installation CD.

    Then about a month ago my system suffered a catasprophic Hard drive crash and needed a Windows 2000PRO re-install. Since then I am unable to successfully re-install the ATI drivers and software to make the TV Tuner option to work. No matter what I tried the ATI Launchpad will crash and complain that the ATI Multimedia Center does not appear to be installed. You may need to re-install the Multimedia Center. And yet [Add/Remove Programs] says it exits and is listed under the currently installed programs.

    I have updated my ASUS AMI Bios from v5.30.01 to the latest version V08.00.09 from the ASUS website. Updated Windows 2000PRO to SP4, Internet Explorer V6.0.2800.1106 SP1, .NET Frameworks v2.0, Windows Installer V2.0 from Microsoft Windows Update Website and still is unable to make a successful install to enable the TV Tuner to work. I have run out of ideas. I also downloaded and installed the latest ATI Radeon 9600 Series Drivers/Software Suite for Windows 2000PRO but failed to make the TV Tuner work.

    The hardwares i got have not changed since my system was assembled from day one. If anyone have any ideas on how to rectify this problem I will be more than greatful for the information. Thank you for your help in advance.
  3. fimbles

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    Sorry i cant be more help here.. im just throwing in a few suggestions.

    Do you have any conflicts in your hardware panels??

    Have you tried any alternative drivers? omega are pretty good, find them here.

    Thats a hell of a problem you got to solve there... :(
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