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Dec 2, 2006
  1. I have a stand alone Windows 2000 computer my daughter has been using.
    This week, for some reason, no one can log in, neither my daughter or myself with either a user or administrator password.
    the error is "the system cannot log you on now because the domain Family_AMS is not available".

    "Family_AMS" is the name I gave to that computer, and it has worked well enough for a few years.

    We have other computers in the house, and a home network, as well as a work group, and generally, all the computers can see each other, though, of course, we cannot see Family_AMS anymore.

    We had just updated virus defs and run a virus scan, so it is unlikely it is a virus, but who knows.

    I was able to log on to the computer with the Windows CD using the Control panel, but I don't know what to do once logged on.

    Would appreciate any help anyone can provide.
  2. Ididmyc600

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    By default Win2K uses Workgroup if in a standalone environment, it seems that your PC was introduced to a Domain called Family_AMS, I assume that was something you did at some point but you dont say for certain.

    When you get the option to log on using CTRL\ALT\DEL there should be a drop down box underneath where you put in your password with
    Family_AMS and Workgroup ( or whatever you called your network) set it to Workgroup ( or the above mentioned whatever) instead of Family_AMS then log on.

    If the box only has a username and password box then there should be an options box underneath it, click it and it should show the third box.

    Be seeing you....
  3. mpaulson44

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    Thanks, ididmyc600, but that is not the case. There never was a domain, just the workgroup, and the only choice under "options" is "log on using a modem". My other Win2K computer is also a part of the workgroup, and also does not have a drop down under "options".

    Actually, I have asked several quite savvy friends and co-workers, and the solution is something none of us have been able to figure out yet. I don't know where the error may have come from. The computer worked fine for two years, then, poof.

    I think I need to be able to log onto the machine with the control console and somehow change the computer name or some variable - I can log on with the console and administrator pwd, I just don't know what to do, and I can't log on to the actual windows2k OS with a gui that I can click on and change anything at all that I am familiar with.

  4. Ididmyc600

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    Strange it says it cant find a Domain called Family_AMS yet it has never been near a Domain controller,

    Just to ask do all the other PC's use "Workgroup" as their workgroup.

    I did a google and found this

    1. Start Windows 2000 in recovery consol
    2. From the Recovery Console, type copy c:\winnt\repair\security c:\winnt\system32\config\security at the command prompt, and then press ENTER

  5. mpaulson44

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    thanks, but it didn't work

    I really appreciate your help, but it didn't work.
    since I was not able to fix it a while ago, I gave up - I put the operating system on a different disk and made the old primary the slave so I could go back and try if someone came up with an idea, so I tried (making the old disk the primary again and using the repair console), but it didn't work. (of course, I realized that after using the repair console, I could have just copied the file with the new operating system...) Anyway, we now have a new, working system, though we still have to reinstall all the old programs, at least none of the files were lost.
    Thanks again
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