Cannot Master boot but can see files as slave drive

By toejam003
Jan 5, 2006
  1. I am working on my daughter's computer Windows XP OS...she began having problems, no anti-virus software at all...managed to load in safe mode with networking...was running the virusscan and while in the middle of it the computer rebooted itself. Did see before it rebooted, there were many many worms, trojans and PUP's. After it rebooted, I started running the virus scan again, this time no worms or trojans showed, only PUPs. Deleted a bunch of them, then rebooted, now it will not do anything...the harddrive light starts then does nothing. Plugged the harddrive as a slave on another tower, can see all the files, but cannot access just hers which has all her music to download to her ipod. Is there anyway to get this drive to master boot again or will the XP cdrom reboot it? Or how can I get to her files as a slave drive, gives me access denied...Almost forgot, when running the drive as slave, did run and delete 24 trojans and worms....
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