Cannot play DVD movies on DVD-rom or burner

By pattip
Feb 27, 2005
  1. My Plextor DVDA PX-708a and my IDE DVD-ROM will not play DVD movies. I am using XP. Is there a driver missing and if so how to I obtain the correct driver?
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    I highly doubt the problem is drivers. Windows doesn't need drivers for DVD drives.

    The problem most likely is no dvd decoder.

    You are going to need to install the dvd player software that came with your drive. After that WMP will be able to play the dvd.

    Also just a week or so ago someone asked where to get a 'free dvd player' or something like that, and they were actually looking for a decoder. Someone responded with a codec dl link and that worked for them. Use the search feature and I bet you can find it.

    Also btw - don't double post, I deleted your other one.
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    They also might have been talking about being able to play DIVX Movies. In which case you need the DIVX CODEC. The DivX Gain Bundle (Adware) has been the way to get that.
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