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By cogenmaster
Feb 10, 2007
  1. Just rebuilt my computer....YEA!!!...Core due 6600 - msi 8800 gts - 2 gigs mem - new power supply and sata drive. Went to do a fresh install off XP home upgrade CD and kept getting a blue screen with following error pci.sys. Found the thread here through a google search with directions for making a XP disk with SP2 slipstreamed into the disk. Went downstairs to my sons Win2000 machine to make the disk. Got to the point where you needed to apply the patch to the XP folder where the files from the XP disk were placed. Windows 2000 would generate a error message and would not apply the patch. This was all late last night and I decided enough was enough and I would just put all my old parts into the boys puter which was the plan and boot into XP and try making the disk in XP. My old system was Athlon 64 3000 socket 754 - msi neo (cant remember the exact model nforce 3 i believe)- 1 gig mem - ati 9800 pro - 160 gb samsung sata drive

    Installed above parts in my sons computer as well as the power supply that was powering the parts before. Attemped boot and computer stuck at bios screen with system speaker making buzzing noise... disconnected everything but vid card and still same problem....inadvertently unplugged keyboard and computer continued to post but needed f1 to proceed due to cmos checksum error. Keyboard is usb and I attemped reboot with keyboard installed in usb port....same symtoms....keyboard was attached with adapter to keyboard port on mobo...same symtoms. Put in different power supply still same symtoms. I just don't know what to due at this point. I am running the RC1 copy of vista on my new system and it is running flawlessly but I really need to get the other system going, my sons are going to be extremely pissed that I messed up the computer I promised them. I am afraid that something bad has happened to the mobo....I hope that someone here can offer some advise...Oh and I did try another keyobard with same symtoms.


    E murphy
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