cannot reformat my HP computer

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Oct 6, 2005
  1. Since Hp computers doesn't come with a reformat disc thingy, it's suppose to have this build in system restore thing. But When I tried to recover my computer, it showed all the messages and other crap and it eventually showed all the stuff being recreated and stuff being deleted. It said that all the programs are being recovered to the original state (that's the state when you brought the computer home from the store). I was so happy and other stuff that it was reformatted. When I restart my computer, nothing changed at all, it's like I have never done the system recovery thing at all. I was so confused! HP computers are just not built for a newbie like me. I'm wondering if anyone could tell me how to reformat this computer..... pretty weird situation huh?

    oh yes, forgot to mention, the reason I was reformatting my computer is that there's a virus in my computer that damaged all my stuff. For example, when I go to my Control Panel, it show a message saying C:\WINDOWS\system32\rundll32.exe Application not found for all the icons I click. And also, so matter what software I can’t open it properly. There’s a box that request you to choose the program you want to use to open this file. The only way I can open them is by using “run as” It started to get annoying. I’m wondering if anybody can help me to fix this problem. THANKS A LOT!!
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    Need to know what version of windows you are running before we can help.
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    I find it hard to believe that you bought a HP computer that didnt come with any discs.

    I receive and install HP workstations every day - and they ALL have recovery CD's and device driver CD's.

    The recovery CD includes the XP image that is shipped with all pre-built HP machines.

    anyway - that doesnt help you at all:

    As you've had a virus (or still have one) I would advise scanning and cleaning your machine. If you have already done that and all your applications are still f*cked - then I think you should just reinstall the OS.

    I presume you're running Windows XP. Running system restore when you've had a virus wont solve the problem. It's not a time tunnel, taking you back to when you didnt have the virus.

    The only (time efficient) thing you can do, is to reinstall the OS. Unless you've got masses of data that needs to be copied off your HDD first that is.

    Do you have any friends with a Windows XP CD ?

    If you dont want to do that.. then you'll have to get on the net and download applications such as:

    Virus Protection
    Spyware Protection
    Registry Scanner
    Hijack Scanner

    Run all of them on your machine and make sure that you are 100% virus / spyware free....

    Let us know what you plan on doing...
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    i have the same problemi tried to change the start menu's text and hten it would start up properly
    so now i wanna reformat it
    and i dont have one of these discs either
    plz help
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