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Sep 17, 2003
  1. I have lost the ability to view web pages in IE6 in XP Pro. I can connect via dialup to internet but all I get is page cannot be displayed. Any site I try gives a blank page. I can ping myself but when I ping <> or others like this the site cannot be found. Other programs that update via internet like adaware or spybot cannot update either. Xp firewall is off. I do use Outpost Firewall 1.0. I tried turning it off but still no page is displayed. 2 thing I have installed recently are Beyond Wolfinstein (I uninstalled last night but it did not help) and I installed fix it 5 from v-com. It is similar to a host file error that sometimes happens in Win98
  2. StormBringer

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    Check your settings for your connection, sounds like something has been changed. Possibly the Primary and Secondary DNS entries. You will need to check with your ISP for the proper addresses to enter.
  3. poertner_1274

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    I know i had this problem a while ago, and I input those DNS servers and everything has worked without a hitch since. Give that a shot.
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    Taking a shot at it... but if you have an administrator who did some special stuff to the router such as site blocking (say your at an educational facility) then maybe they blocked it for the good.

    Dunno, my best guess.
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    If checking/changing your IP acquisition process has no effect I have another suggestion.

    One of the great tools in XP for those of us that have "mussed" our systems by adding an unfriendly bit of software (who's not guilty:blackeye:? ) is the "System Restore". This is found in Programs/Accessories/System Tools/System Restore. Once you have uninstalled all possible culprits and are still unhappy, go to "System Restore" and restore your system to a point in time pevious to the time you had installed the suspected program. You won't lose any documents nor any programs you did not uninstall. Your system settings will be restored though, and this is quite possibly where your problem lies.

    If you are connecting yet no pages are being allowed to be shown, I would suspect the firewall you had installed changed your settings or stopped the loopback your ISP uses to confirm your identity and therefore isn't allowing anything through.

    If you can check your event files it could give you some clues as well but let's not go there just yet:rolleyes:
  6. Rick

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    Content blocking programs such as Cybernanny can cause this problem inadvertantly. I've dealt with such situations. If you have such a program, you may want to temporarily uninstall it and see if that cures your problem.

    ... This makes me think there is a system-wide problem, and not just Internet explorer. Or perhaps a problem with your router / configuration (most likely).

    Can you ping your router? Your router's IP address is typically or

    Try this: Start/Run/cmd.exe

    Type in: ipconfig

    If your IP corresponds with or, then that means the router has assigned you an IP address or you have an IP address that is valid on the network.

    If you are not able to ping the router, then your network or router configuration is wrong.
  7. ranger_cole

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    Well system restore was on and I was able to restore back before Fix-It 5 was installed. I was able to surf sites after restore. I the tried installed Fix-It 5 and when I tried surfing I got the same no page displayed. I will contact V-com about this issue and let everyone know the results.
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