Canon Mx Printer

James Durkin

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Renstalled Canon MX922, no icon showed, tried reinstalling, no good, I have been using this printer for 3 years, never a problem, now I cannot use the disk labler without the icon. Help


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I suggest that you unplug the printer and use the Control Panel and click on > Add remove programs and uninstall all the Canon software and reboot as necessary (there are usually many programs that get installed). Use your Control Panel and make sure the Canon MX922 is gone. if it isn't gone > right click on it and click> delete. Once that is done get the install software from here:

Windows 10 I assume? Run the installation software first. At some point during the install the computer will say plug in the printer and that is when you turn it on and plug it in. A USB install I assume?

Check the website link for additional software that lets you print to the CDs / scan etc..