Can't access admin account Win10


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From what I've read I'm guessing I'm screwed until I remember the password but just in case..

I was in the built-in admin account and decided to switch the account types of my two local accounts. The one I always use I changed to standard, the one I never use to admin. Then I re-hid the built-in admin. Now I realize I don't remember the password for the now-admin account and can't install anything or restore the pc.

I know the built-in admin password but can't unhide the account. I can't use 'runas' in cmd because of group policy settings, don't have a windows install disc (or working disk drive), don't have a usb drive and can't boot up to cmd without the password.

Is there anything that will let me use the built-in admin password to bypass the user admin or a way to activate the account from a standard user?

Now back to trying every password I've ever used for anything...?


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It's pretty hard to screw up Windows these days so I'm well out of practice. You can work with an ISO or image file of Windows 10. That can be run via virtual drive software so you don't need an external drive. I'd not be surprised if Windows 10 will run the installation ISO unaided.

I've attached a link that may help. Microsoft make Windows ISOs available for download so there is no legal issue. As your copy is already activated it should stay that way and I'm guessing that you will be able to sort out the accounts problem on a reinstall. You don't need to buy any software to do this. If it doesn't work it's all part of the fun of having a PC but you'll get there in the end. There's usually plenty of alternative methods that will work.