Can't access one specific website

By rmlanto
Aug 11, 2007
  1. Hi I'm really discouraged and frustrated right now. I hope someone can help me. I have access to the internet and I don't have a problem connecting to all the sites except 1. Every time I try I get that the page could not be displayed. In IE7 I get page cannot be displayed... and in Firefox I get serer not found. I called my ISP (videotron) and they had me clear my temp files, cookies, etc. But that didn't work. Since I had access to the rest of the internet they said that it was my problem and that I should try contacting Norton as it was probably a firewall issue. I contacted Norton and spent over 2 hours with them as they did various things which did not resolve my problem. Assuming it was the Norton 360 I removed the program completely from my computer with no luck. I've tried reinstalling firefox and have used the option in firefox and IE7 to erase all temp. stuff and cookies etc. I know that the site works because my peers can access it, no problem. Ironically so can my ISP as they tried when I called. The problem is that I Can not access the site. Suggestions???
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