Displays can't activate monitor power after sleep mode button on kybrd pushed

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I am unable to activate a dell M782 monitor from the power saving mode after the sleep button on the keyboard was pushed. I have unplugged the power from both the cpu and monitor, powered down both & disconnected the monitor cable. The error message says "monitor in power saving mode use pc to enable". Tough to do when the screen is black! I suspect there is a secret combination of keys that undo this but have no idea which ones to press in what sequence. Help!


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Did the monitor come as part of a set with a Dell computer? Of was it purchased separately.
The sleep feature is part of the package, for which there are drives at the Dell site. I think you would have to research at Dell, since it all has to do with the computer and the keyboard as well as the monitor. Othewise, with Dell, it is usually th "On" button quickly pressed, or if you have the correct keyboard, the "wake" button.
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monitor issues after pushing sleep mode button

Yes the monitor (Dell M782) came with the cpu. I did try to research the monitor and keyboard on with Dell but I think the equip is too old to still be listed. I have powered the monitor and cpu off and on several times but have not tried your suggestion of a quick on/off -- did you mean on the monitor or cpu? Also if my keyboard has a "wake" button where would it be and what would it look like? Moving the mouse or pressing a random key on the keyboard does not wake up the monitor.
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