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Can't become admin with Mani Admin Plugin (CSS)

By TDawg ยท 12 replies
Jan 8, 2006
  1. Just started using this plug-in yesterday, and first I'm not sure if I was supposed to copy all the files to both the counter-strike source directory and the source dedicated server directory, but I did anyway. But my problem is when i add the IP addresses of people I want to be admin, it works for them but not me. You can bind a key to pop up the plug-in options and settings in-game, and when i push the key, it says "Mani-Admin Plugin: You're Not an admin." so idk what more to do.
  2. TDawg

    TDawg TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 126

    ok I got some help with filling out the txt file but my problem now is that I can't get into my dedicated server. I am running it on the same pc as I am trying to play on but when i try to join, I get an error saying steam account is being used on another computer...I reinstalled the dedicated server but still nothing
  3. VacaXXX

    VacaXXX TS Rookie Posts: 17

    i dont think you can play on the same computer that you are using as the dedicated server.....i think the point of it being dedicated is that you are devoting the entire machine to running the server.....

    i may be wrong.......
  4. darkstuarez

    darkstuarez TS Rookie Posts: 59

    I remember having to make a dedicated server for Garry's mod a while back, and i could play on it.
  5. TDawg

    TDawg TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 126

    well I could play before on the same computer, but then outta nowhere I got the error message. I tried with and without Mani
  6. VacaXXX

    VacaXXX TS Rookie Posts: 17

    I stand corrected, GL with your problem
  7. TDawg

    TDawg TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 126

    got the problem to work, I needed to open up a port on my router and then it worked. so yea it's all good, also to be admin, I used stead IDs instead of IP addresses
  8. AuZZi3_5p4r74N

    AuZZi3_5p4r74N TS Rookie

    I am new at this admin stuff

    Hey all

    my friend's bro created a new server and him and i are wondering how to become admins we need some help plz tell us thx


    The L33t rockers
    |)0|\|'7 |\/|355 \/\/17}{ |_|5
    \/\/3 4.-3 |\|07 }{4><0.-5!!!!!!!!!!
  9. addernator

    addernator TS Rookie

    I need help adding my self

    i just got the plug in and installed it and added the files and binded my key but when i'm in game and i press my binded key on my own server it just says i am not an admin!!

    This is the code for my adminlist is there anything wrong with it?:

    // Add your IP's Steam addresses, Names and Passwords
    // in this file for admins
    // e.g STEAM_0:0:21233123
    // THOSE OPTIONS UNLESS YOU HAVE mani_reverse_admin_flags set to 1
    // in your autoexec.cfg
    // Restriction options are :-
    // k = restrict admin from kicking players
    // r = restrict admin from executing rcon commands via ma_rcon
    // q = restrict admin from executing rcon commands from the menu
    // e = restrict admin from the adminexplode command
    // m = restrict admin from slaying players
    // b = restrict admin from banning players
    // s = restrict admin from running ma_say
    // o = restrict admin from running ma_chat
    // a = restrict admin from running ma_psay
    // c = restrict admin from changing maps
    // p = restrict admin from playing sounds
    // w = restrict admin from restricting weapons
    // z = restrict admin from plug-in config menu
    // x = restrict admin from running admincexec commands
    // y = restrict admin from running admincexec from the menu
    // i = restrict admin from running blind commands
    // l = restrict admin from running slap commands
    // f = restrict admin from running freeze commands
    // t = restrict admin from running teleport commands
    // d = restrict admin from running drug commands
    // g = restrict admin from running ma_teamswap and ma_balance commands
    // j = restrict admin from running gimp commands
    // R = restrict admin from running rcon vote
    // v = restrict admin from running random vote map
    // V = restrict admin from running vote map
    // Q = restrict admin from running question vote
    // C = restrict admin from running Cancel Vote
    // A = restrict admin from being able to accept/refuse a vote they started
    // B = restrict admin from running a menu rcon vote
    // D = restrict admin from running a question menu vote
    // E = restrict admin from using ma_rates
    // F = restrict admin from running burn commands
    // G = restrict admin from running noclip command
    // H = restrict admin from running ma_war command
    // I = restrict admin from running ma_mute command
    // J = restrict admin from resetting all the player ranks
    // K = restrict admin from setting player cash
    // L = restrict admin from using rconsay commands setup as type R in commandlist.txt
    // M = restrict admin from having custom skins to choose
    // N = restrict admin from being able to set a players skin
    // O = restrict admin from running ma_dropc4 command
    // P = restrict admin from running ma_setadminflag command
    // T = restrict admin from running ma_timebomb command
    // U = restrict admin from running ma_firebomb command
    // W = restrict admin from running ma_freezebomb command
    // X = restrict admin from running ma_sethealth and derived commands
    // Y = restrict admin from running ma_beacon command
    // S = restrict admin from running ma_setcolour or ma_setcolor
    // Z = restrict admin from running ma_give and ma_giveammo
    // p = restrict admin from running ma_spray
    // An example would be if you wanted to prevent admin
    // with steam id STEAM_0:0:2388333
    // from being able to play sounds and rcon command
    // STEAM_0:0:2388333 rp // Admin can't rcon and play sound !!
    // Another example
    // STEAM_0:0:3389333 kmc // Admin can't kick, slay or change maps
    // You can also use admin groups instead of flags, you setup admin groups
    // in the admingroups.txt file then use them in this file.
    // For example if you setup a group called "Clan Member" and "Kick Only" you would set it per
    // player like this:-
    // STEAM_0:0:1234234 Clan Member // Fred
    // STEAM_0:0:234884 Kick Only // Jim
    // If you wanted an admin to be created by IP Address you
    // set your entry to be in the format
    // ;IP Address flag
    // Example
    // ; rp // Admin can't rcon and play sound !!
    // ; kmc // Admin can't kick, slay or change maps
    // If you want to have an Admin created by both steam ID and IP address you
    // use the format STEAM_ID;IP_ADDRESS flags
    // Example
    // STEAM_0:1:877489; rp // Admin can't rcon and play sound !!
    // If you only use an IP Address, the character ';' MUST be directly in
    // front of it.
    // There must be a space between the steam ID/IP Address and restriction flags
    // or the plug-in will assume that it is part of the Steam ID/IP Address
    // Another alternative to using a steam id is a name and password
    // The format of this is ;;"name";password flags
    // For example I would use
    // ;;"Mani";maniadminplugin rp // Admin can't rcon or playsound
    // In order to use the password, put
    // setinfo _password mypassword
    // in your config.cfg file in your client installation.

  10. Sencartha

    Sencartha TS Rookie

    Addernator, I checked through ure info, and there doesnt seem to be anthing rong there :S try re-entering ure ID, and make sure u have done it correctly. I have had no problem making myself and friends admin on my server so it does work. Oh and make sure you don't forget to save it afterwards.. but i'm sure ure did anyway.
  11. Sencartha

    Sencartha TS Rookie

    And if any1 else wants any help, I have a server up and running and I have no problem if u want to ask me anythin, so e-mail me at sencartha@hotmail.co.uk
  12. cfitzarl

    cfitzarl TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,975   +9

    Check out the documentation here, I'm in the middle of setting up my admins :).
  13. Love236

    Love236 TS Rookie

    i have the same problem i write my steam id in admins.txt and i dont become admin why ? please help me or tell me if there is a program that makes me admin
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