Can't boot up Toshiba Satellite 1805

By alina722
Apr 7, 2006
  1. I have Toshiba Satellite 1805, I realize I should know what the specs are, but I can't get into the computer to see what they are now. I bought this computer about four or five years ago, and have Windows XP on it.

    I recently discovered that the reason that my computer would not go into standby or hibernate mode was because of the Adobe Type Manager 4.0, which I deleted, and was finally able to make my computer standby for one day.

    This morning, when I tried to get my computer off standby and running, the screen came back completely white (blank). I tried to turn it off and reboot it, but the screen continues to either show blank or narrow parallel lines across half the screen. It also doesn't make the usual boot up noises, so I suspect that it's not booting up at all.

    The computer has not been traumatized, nor have I changed anything recently other than what I just described, and some of the power settings (that is I changed some of the settings for when the computer runs on battery).

    Can someone offer a solution?
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