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Can't change clock setting on BFG 6800 Ultra AGP?

By Rufes1
Sep 2, 2006
  1. Hey all,

    Purchased a BFG 6800 Ultra AGP recently and I am getting massive artifacts and glitching even just in windows. My temps are not high and I have read people having this same problem due to the BFG's overclocked gpu.

    At first I was running the latest Omega Nvidia drivers and that did not allow me to change the clock speed of gpu or memory in 2d or 3d mode. Nothing would happen when I tried to test the settings.

    So then I installed Riva Tuner and tried to change the clock speeds through there. When I hit test it pops up the message; "The driver failed to pass internal test with the clock frequencies you are about to set. Please decrease clock frequencies and try again.". Keeping in mind I am trying to underclock this seemed odd and no frequencies will test. Simply nothing happens when I hit test, it doesnt try and change display or anything.

    So then I uninstalled the Omega drivers and decided to go with the latest forceware from nvidia. Installed them, reinstalled riva tuner but still get the same message when I try to change clock speed. I even tried going an older forceware but nothing?

    This problem struck me as odd and dont know what could be causing it?



    I seem to be able to change some clock speeds if I disable seperate 2D/3D clock settings in Riva Tuner, but then it claims my GPU is at 200 and Memory is at 599.

    Dont know how they got that?
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