Can't connect to network using ethernet

Nov 13, 2007
  1. I have a desktop PC which I use as a print server and backup device and a laptop as my main computer. Both are running XP sp2. I also have a belkin adsl wireless router to connect both to the internet. Everything works fine with the wireless network ie I can share files, printers etc. However, I wanted to copy a lot of files from from my laptop to my desktop so I plugged in an ethernet cable between the 2 machines and switched off the wireless on the laptop (to prove it was the ethernet I was using!). I can ping the desktop from the laptop and vice versa but cannot get to my network resources from either. I am sure I am missing something obvious but can someone help? PS I am using an ethernet cable that has 'UTP Patch' written on it. Is this suitable and will it be a crossover cable - if not would this still enable me to ping the other PC?
  2. bob91

    bob91 TS Rookie

    im jst a just a begginer, i had a similiar problem

    i ended up installing the ethernet driver for the motherboard and it worked..

    so maybe the problem is that you don't ahve your ethernet driver installed, and i think you have to reinstall ur net, using the cd provided installing it with a ethernet connection..

    i mite be wrong, but give it agoo..
  3. DFE

    DFE TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks bob91 - i'll have a look but I think both ethernet drivers are Ok. Device manager on both machines thinks they are working OK
  4. bob91

    bob91 TS Rookie

    okay, so if ur ethernets working..maybe its your modem.. or possibly you might have to re install your ethernet drivers... just a thought..

    and with your modem..try restarting it... if it has a restart button, then see if the gateway connects using the ethernet. if not try working on your gateway if thats the problem...:S
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