Can't decide Plasma or LCD

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I'm looking for an opinion about my next purchase of a TV which I also would like to use for gaming purposes. I know the difference about the Plasmas and LCD's (burning, view angle, blacks, etc.) but not for gaming, so my questions are:

Which one is better for gaming purposes? LCD or plasma?
Here this is what I want to buy, for sure it will be one of these two:

for movies I would love this one cuz is 1080p (don't care about $500 more)

but the size here I love it and specially how the blacks looks.

Both have PC input and I'm willing to have the best resolution posible for gaming. I really need some advice because can't decide. Thank you!


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I cant say which would be better for gaming. But for the money i would stay away from plasma. When they breakdown, there is nothing really repairable. Have you looked at DLP? To me DLP looks better than LCD.


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Well Plasma for sure have their downsides, even the reviews for the model I want says something about a buzz or humming sound. I personally don't like DLP because of two main issues, 1-too bulky 2-pretty bad view angle. I think LCD's for some reason are not the best picture on big screens, but the model I post previously I checked at Circuit City and it looks pretty amazing. I just wish they let me plug in a PC to check how games looks like :p
Thanks for your advice and opinion!


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If you use a plasma tv for a monitor it will only be good for games that have HDR & for watching movies

If you use a LCD monitor it will be best for gaming because they show really nice detailed colors


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I would also go for DLP. Next to CRT's they have the best black levels. While they can't be hung flat on a wall, they aren't that heavy. I had a 46" Toshiba and it only weighed about 80 pounds. Some people complain about the "rainbow" effect, but new technology has pretty much eliminated that and I never saw it happen.

Another knock on LCD TV's is that they can have difficulty keeping up with fast motion. I played with a Game Cube connected and the picture looked great and that was though a regular RCA connection.


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Do the LCD fast motion problem has something to do with the frequency? I know most LCD's (small ones 15",17") don't support over 75hz. is it the same for bigger screens? does Plasma have the same issue?
Thanks for the advice but DLP is not an option for me. too many downsides when you compare with LCD's and Plasmas. I know there a lot of good things on DLP's but I just don't like the picture, the way I see it is not even 50% as crisp and brilliant as any Plasma or LCD TV.
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