Can't defrag C

By tigerlily
Jul 6, 2005
  1. Eh, I need help (obviously)

    When I try to defrag, I just get the message "aborted due to inconsistencies in the file system" and that I should run chkdsk or scandisk. How do I do that?

    What should I do? My hard drive needs - I mean really needs a defrag...

    I have Norton Antivirus and ADSL. Please advise if any progs should be stopped and how to best do this. Should I be in Safe-mode? What about system restore, should that be turned off?

    Please help me I have no clue what to do next....

    Thanks for a nifty site btw. And all you great ppl
  2. howard_hopkinso

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    Double click my computer, and right click on your hard drive. Now select properties, and then tools.

    Click the check now button, and tick the box that says automatically fix file system errors, and click start.

    You will depending on your os, receive a message saying that in order to check your disk you will need to schedual a disk check the next time you start your computer. Click yes, followed by ok.

    Now restart your computer, and the disk check should start automatically.

    Once it`s finished, your system will reboot. Now defrag your hard drive.

    You will need to have about 15% of your hardrive space free, in order to run a defrag.

    Regards Howard :grinthumb
  3. hotice

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    One of the advantages of running a defragmenter regularly is that if there are bad sectors on the HD it prompts to run CHKDSK. These bad sectors may otherwise go unnoticed and accumulate to corrupt the drive or cause other problems.With file sizes getting so large day by day, its would be ideal to set a good automatic defragmenter which will check frag levels daily and defrag whenever necessary.
  4. truthao

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    A. I saw a suggestion that it is possible to backup all data (if there is free space somewhere) and then format the hard-disk partition. Then the restore sets the data in good stand. I have not used that way!
    B. When I tried one time to defrag my hard-disk partition there was an error message that I must use at first scandisk to repair the partition and then use defrag. All other programs (that are not necessary for operation) must be closed to be able to defrag.
    C. Best wishes to you!
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