CAN'T DELETE IN Favorites and Spybot Questions

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Jul 6, 2005
  1. Hey ppl! So I need some help and i thought that i might get a quick response on a new thread. So here i go. One day i went into my favorites to check out my friends website (its saved in there) And i saw all these links that i NEVER PUT IN THERE! I know this for a fact cause 1) i dont have the money to go to an online casino and 2) I'm not interested in INTERACCIAL RELATIONSHIPS!!! My question is this: How can i delete them, because when i try to delete them using right-click NOTHING HAPPENS and when i try to delete it by going through favorites filepath (ie C:\Documents and Settings\username\favorites) I don't see them in the Favorites folder, maybe they're hidden (if so how do i access them?) or maybe its a virus either way can ANYONE HELP!!!!- Thanks sarah
    OH YEAH and spybot question: In the bottom left corner there is a toolbar, my question is: Is it searching my computer for the spyware or is it scanning spyware already in my computer?- Thanks agn Sarah
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    Can't you just click the Favorites menu and then click "organize favorites" and delete it from there? You should.
    But likely you have spyware :(

    So good luck with that first!
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    maybe.... But you guys did help

    I have spybot S&D so thanks for :approve: confirming that it was a good choice and i read those 2 threads, they helped with other problems but not with favorites.... I think i just have to keep running spybot... It worked last night I mean it got rid of the favorites, but when i turned off my computer and then started it again this morning, :dead: they were back so i think this is something that goes deep and once deleted comes back. OH and i tried the organize favorites deal and even though it didn't get rid of unwanted favorites it did help me organize some stuff so thanks lol :cool:
    LOL so im gonna keep running checks and looking in task manager, system32 and Internet Explorer for any weird things, well thanks again guys- Sarah :bounce:

    I'll get rid of the spyware if its the last thing i do... or my computer does :mad: BE AFRAIF VERY AFRAID! :evil:
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    Sarah read the post about HiJackThis that I linked to earlier. Then post a log as instructed and someone will help you out.

    Also try Firefox for your browser.
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    How do i access my logs?
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    If you install and run HiJackThis it outputs a log. Full instructions are in the aforementioned post.
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