Cant detect my hard drive??

By mikhal
Jun 2, 2006
  1. I can't seem to find my hard drive. I accidently reset my computer, and so it went to check disk at start up. Nothing unusual, but my 3RD hard drive comes up. Not the one containing my windows. It scans it gets to stage 3 of 3 then crashes. Windows starts up again, great. Now when it goes past the windows screens it just stays there for like 15+ min plus doing nothing. So I switched my hard drive around and okay my bios is detected my hard drive, but when I get to windows it self. It doesn't show my hard drive anywhere. It shows all my other hard drives. Its on primary slave and i set my hard drive to slave but still nothing. I think it may have corrupted something when i first resetted, but only problem now is that i cant even format it if i cant even find it. I can't seem to find it using memory management, and even system restoring can't seem to bring it back up. Now when I load up check disk I cant event seem to find it. On my bios it detects that it is connected to my computer, but windows can't find it any help?

    Any help would be great,


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