Can't get .bin and .cue game files to work

By City4eva204
Jan 4, 2004
  1. I tried burning the .cue files to a cd from a game i downloaded. I used CD Mate. So when i try burning the image file to the cd, it shows its writing. When I try to open the Cd up, there is nothing on it. When I try writing the cd over, I can't because it says its full. I need help on getting this stuff to work as well as running .bin and .cue files off the net.
  2. ---agissi---

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    I dont believe you burn .cue files. Sometimes they'll come with an ISO but im not exactly sure what they do. I never burn .cue files. From memory they are so small they cant be the game.

    For .bin files, use WinISO and convert the bin to an ISO :)
  3. Dr-Death

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    you need nero6 for that. open the nero then choose burn from image then point it to the .cue file with nero and it will do the rest.. or you can use IsoBuster witch can open the .bin file then extract it someone then burn the files..
  4. StormBringer

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    What you need to do is GO TO THE STORE AND PURCHASE THE GAME!
    Techspot DOES NOT Condone nor Promote Piracy

    Will a moderator please lock or delete this thread, as it is clearly a violation of TOS.
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