Can't get past Windows screen

By edward7458
Jun 27, 2007
  1. I ran a registery fixer on my system and now I can't get past the windows screen. It goes blank after the initial window wp. I tried the window system disk, but when I get to the screen to reload windows, the "R" optin is not there and the only option that I have is to do a fresh install. I need to get my data off before I do that. Is there a likely fix in the restore mode? I tried the bootfix command. Can I copy my files in the restore mode with a DOS command to a USB 160 GB hard drive that I happen to have? The registry optimizer was Advanced SYstem Optimizer. I've ran it before with no problems.

    I hope someone has some suggestions!!
  2. robin_bga

    robin_bga TS Rookie Posts: 171

    I really don't get what u mean by u can't find the r option, put it the windows installation cd, the let it run, and when it reach the option of pressing ENTER, press it, it will ask u to press F8, the after that it will scan for existing OS(es), then after that u can press 'R'.That is a way of repairing the os.
    And am sure it will work.
    Wish u luck. Robin
  3. edward7458

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    reply to Robin

    Hi, thanks for the reply. When I try to get to the R option, it does not appear. There is only the option to load windons new and some info on partitioning. What you are suggesting is exactly what I was intending to do. I ran the R (its on the second screen just after you accept the terms with an F8) a few days ago but the computer still gave many error messages (supspooler app error, needs to close was the main one). Also, I couldn't download SP2 - it took forwever. I was getting ready to save all my files and reinstall windons completely new. However, now I can't get to my files. When I run dir in dos, I still have the same amount of info on the disk, so I think my files are still OK.
    hen i looked for R only to remove my files, it did not appear.
  4. Mamut0o1

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    Hello Edward;

    An easy way to save your files to an exteral USB hard drive would be to run Knoppix Live CD. This is a linux live version that runs from a cd, you dont need to install it to run it. Boot your PC using Knoppix and from there copy all your files of your local Drive.
    I hope that helps.

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