Can't Get Programs To Run From Hard Disk.

By kimboy
Dec 28, 2007
  1. Hey. I removed a hard disk from one PC and installed it on another PC. Is there a way I can get the programs on the removed disk to run on the second PC? It tells me to 'reinstall' the programs but I don't have the CDs with me. All this is in the registry, right? Or is there anything 'obvious' I am missing here?
  2. pdyckman@comcas

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    You have removed the hard drive from machine "A" and put it in machine "B", right? Are you saying that Windows won't run on machine "B"? You will need the installation disc as the BIOS in machine B is different from A. You will need to return it to machine A to get it to run. Good Luck.
  3. kimboy

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    Programs Don't Run.

    Thanks for replying. What I meant was I want the programs installed on the hard disk using PC 'A' to run on PC 'B'without having to reinstall them there. Even if I reinstall them there, wouldn't I have to reinstall them on PC 'A' when I reinstall the hard disk on PC 'A'?
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    You should check to see what your BIOS is booting up first.

    Good Luck,
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