Cant get SB Live Digital installed

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Mar 9, 2004
  1. I didnt know at the time I got this card that it was OEM. When I install the drivers I get an error message saying there is no SB Live card in my system. I got in touch with Creative and gave them the card model number and they said I couldnt use the downloaded drivers because the card is OEM and sent me an installation disk. I get the same error with the new disk. If I install the drivers manually through device manager I get sound but I cant install any of the add ons like Mixer and Playcenter and dont get 6 channel sound. Also in device manager the card is identified as Creative Emu Audio Processor instead of SB Live.
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    Its a sad fact that Creative sound cards (amongst other thing) are let down by really REALLY crappy drivers, im always having a problem when i reformat of having to replace my Audigy 2 in another PCI port because windows doesnt detect it, so, you can try putting it in another PCI port, or failing that, keep in touch with Creative (theres a 24hr Technical chat room i think on the website) and ask them for assistance.

    Good Luck :grinthumb
  3. vegasgmc

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    I even tried in in another compuer and get the same error. Creative stopped responding to my emails after they found out it was an OEM card.
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    There should be a 'CTxxxx' number silk screened on one corner of the board. Try searching the number in a search engine.
    You may find that it's a Dell card [eg CT4780], who should have the right drivers for it.
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    No Ct #. Just SB0220. I though it might be a Dell. I couldnt find drivers on their site. I'll check again.
  6. Hal

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    That may be a Dell card, certainly not listed as a Creative Labs number.
    I found a forum where this guy was talking about how his SB0220 sound card came in a Dell Dimension 4550 system.
    I checked at Dell's downloads and searched that system, it came up with 2 soundcard drivers of which one was for 'Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 Digital'

    Get that driver and it may work properly :)
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    Oh sorry, forgot to mention how to navigate Dell's website.
    On Dell's home page [] click on 'customer service and support'. You should end up at

    Click the 'downloads' tab at the top.
    If the computer your using hasn't been to Dell's downloads before, you should be presented with a drop-down list to choose a system.
    If it has, then it may by default go to the last system chosen, in which case you need to click on the 'select another system' link in the far left column.
    The rest is easy from there.
    Enjoy. :)
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