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Can't get SP/DIF from Motorola DCT 2500 into my computer

By jetcollins
May 5, 2004
  1. I have the Motorola DCT 2500 digital cable TV box, with two SP/DIF outputs. One TOSlink and one RCA-COAX. The TOSlink goes to the stereo receiver and works fine. I want to use the COAX one to go to my computer.

    My computer has a Soundblaster Live 5.1 card, with an addon board by Hoontech to allow it to receive digital connections. The Hoontech board screws into a separate slot on the back of the pc case, but does not occupy the pci slot on the motherboard. It connects to the soundblaster card with a cable. It has inputs and outputs for both TOSlink and RCA-COAX. When I try to receive sound via the RCA-COAX cable from my digital cable terminal, my computer just hears a very loud fluttering sound, like a dragonfly from hell.

    The Soundblaster-Hoontech rig is able to output digital sound to my stereo receiver; I tested that. It just cannot receive digital sound from the digital cable terminal.

    (I am using composite video to my computer, and s-vhs to the TV. Both work fine simultaneously)

    I am testing using two applications, ShowShifter, which is basically tv-tuner software, and Mediostream NeoDVD, which can capture audio and video on the fly and encode and author into MPEG2/DVD. While both get the video just fine, they both just hear the loud flutter, and do not receive the proper sound signal. Both allow me to select SP/DIF as the sound input. Selecting anything else gets no sound at all.

    Any ideas anyone? Thanks so much in advance,

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