Can't get Star Wars empire at war to work

By spccharleson
Apr 23, 2006
  1. im trying to get star wars empire at war to work on my laptop, the test says it should work, but when i try to play it, the screen goes black, and then my laptop im told to update my video card. i have an ati radeon IGP 320m, so when i try to update it, i get :

    INF ERROR-video driver not found


    setup was unable to complete installation-try to setup your display adapter with a standard VGA driver befire running setup.

    i have been working on this for a while now, and LUCAS arts wont help me, they just keep telling me that the game was never tested on laptops...

    someone please help, and sorry if i sound like i dont know alot bout computers, im a medic in the army, i dont work with computers much!

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  2. leadgeek

    leadgeek TS Rookie

    Ok I know this is a really old thread but my son had a similar problem this week on a Presario2100 with the same builtin graphics card. The trick is to get the latest driver from ATI.


    The driver is unsigned and you will have to jump through the unsigned driver hoops to get it too load but it fixed all his issues with the game. Too long to post here how to do that but there should be lots of sites with directions on how to load unsigned drivers.
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