Can't get to CMOS....grrrarrrgh!

By leem
May 2, 2006
  1. I have a Hp Pavillion, and it came had Windows ME--yuck! I formatted the drive and installed Windows 2000 from an orginal OEM disk. Everything works great, but I want to change some settings in CMOS (for my video card).

    I have tried to get into CMOS by pressing each of the F-keys, delete, esc--everything! It is acting as if there is no CMOS. When I pause during post, it doesn't say anything about what key to press to get into CMOS. Are there any ideas?

    I want to assign more memory to my onboard video card so a monitoring program I am using for a class works better.
  2. Nodsu

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    Start up the system with no keyboard attached - it should complain and tell you what to press to get into the BIOS setup. Another option is to clear the CMOS memory - this should result in a similar error message.

    I know some Compaq computers do not have an embedded BIOS setup program at all - you have to run a special program from a floppy or a hard drive instead.

    Maybe see the HP support website about your system and Read The Friendly Manual?
  3. leem

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    The computer started just fine without a keyboard or mouse. I should add that the comptuer is hooked up to an NT network and is on a domain.

    I am not sure how to clear CMOS memory. Are you talking about flashing the drive?

    Is the Friendly Book you are talking about the motherboard book? I am still elarning terminology. Thank you for your response.
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